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~ Trẻ em ca hát ~

..::Three lives ~ One destiny::..

.::Three different lives ~ One destiny::.
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Thanks a lot if this trivial community attracts you somehow. Actually, xX_triangle_Xx is a private place of the 3 close friends. We create this community to make it our own diary, share our thoughts, share our interests, even gossip and curse someone we hate XDD.

So, we don't want anybody join our community ~ Just step by and watch if you feel fancy doing so. Some of our posts will be locked, but many will be make public, comment if you like, but remember, don't join and don't post anything here, we don't appreciate these actions.

*Có thể gọi là 3 đứa tự sướng đấy hế hế =)))))*
xX_triangle_Xx is rose_everis, miku_kurosawa and foggytran.
..::We just want to be together, only three of us::..
~ Nothing can tear us apart ~
Remember in mind: All the beautiful afternoons we have been together...
Now and forever, past and future, all moments are one in an eyeflash...
~ Keep our hands, step to the light, feel the warmth, and smile like you never do ~